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Let Praise Resound (Live)

by Resound Worship

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From life’s beginning to all eternity, there is a song to be sung; in deepest oceans, across the galaxies, in every nation and tongue. Let praise resound, let praise resound, all around. Creation, sing with one voice to the glory of the maker of all things: let praise resound. Come, every creature alive at his command, join the eternal refrain. Sing, joyful mountains, you rivers, clap your hands; all nature, breathe out his name. Sing together: holy, holy, holy is the Lord. Glory to the one who lives and reigns for evermore. Sing together: holy, holy, holy is the Lord. Glory to the one who lives and reigns for evermore: let praise resound. So join the anthem, let every voice be heard, come lift your praises up high as songs of worship ring out across the earth, as heaven sings in reply.
Come and worship Christ the King, come and bow before Christ the author of all things, every heart adore Christ the everlasting God. Reigning at the Father’s side from eternity, wrapped in everlasting light, clothed in majesty, the beginning and the end. Christ our saviour, King of glory and of grace, reign for ever, you are worthy of our hearts’ unending praise. When our hearts were far away, still he came for us, left his glory, took our place, suffered on the cross; through his death he won our peace. Now no condemnation stands, we are truly free; we were crucified with Christ, we will surely be raised in everlasting life. He will come again in power with authority, sin and death will be destroyed in his victory, we will see him face to face. Every tongue will cry in awe, every bended knee will acknowledge he is Lord, then our hearts will be lost in everlasting praise.
No greater love has ever been known to us, no deeper grace could ever be shown to us; God our creator sent us a saviour who suffered and died, laid down his life: wonderful love. No greater price has ever been paid for us, this sacrifice, offered in place of us; Jesus, the Son of Man, nails through his human hands, paid with his blood to bring us to God: wonderful love. Wonderful love, beautiful love, wonderful love poured out for us. One day we’ll see the glorious face of love, kneel at his feet and thank him for saving us; this is our destiny, to praise him eternally, our light and our life, the presence of Christ: wonderful love.
Come, let's sing to the Rock of ages, worship him, joyful and contagious; bring a song of glory to our God. Come, let's bow, kneel before our maker, praise him now, there is no-one greater; bring a song of glory to our God. He made the earth, the oceans wide, the desert plains, the mountain heights; the heavens praise him and his people cry: O the Lord our God is great, our God is King of all the earth. Raise a shout, let praise ring out, our God is King of all the earth. And now if we hear his voice, the sound of his glory reaching down, then with humble hearts we'll turn towards him. Now if we hear his voice, the sound of his glory reaching down, then with humble hearts we'll turn towards him, bow before him.
Jesus, you have called us: Come, follow me, take up your cross, deny yourself and live. Jesus, I am willing though I am weak; I'll trust you and I'll go where you lead. I will follow, I will follow, I will follow where you lead. Jesus, you have shown us how we should live: in sacrifice, humility and love. Jesus, I am willing though I am weak; I'll follow you with your Spirit in me.
Daily I stumble, daily I fall; daily your mercy is new with the dawn. How fickle my heart is, how feeble and poor; but your heart is steadfast, your love is secure. You have grace enough for my wayward heart, running out to me with your open arms. You have grace enough for my wayward heart, running out to me with your open arms. No longer I'm an outcast, you are welcoming me in. No longer I'm an orphan, I'm a child of the King!
High in the heavens, exalted, name above all other names, Lord over all of creation, worthy of power and praise. Blessing and honour and glory are his eternal reward; let every knee bow before him and every tongue say he is Lord. Jesus, you are exalted and glorified. Jesus, name above all names, we’ll lift you high. Clothed in the splendour of heaven, Jesus, eternally God, emptied yourself, came as nothing, choosing the road to the cross. Lord, you were found in our likeness, shedding your glory to serve; humble, not claiming advantage, you laid down your life for the world. Let us be found in your likeness, learning to serve as you served, filled with your Spirit, your fullness, the fragrance of grace on the earth. You love the heart that is humble, you desire worship that’s true; voices that sing for your glory and lives that bring honour to you. Saviour, all of creation will bow in awe. Jesus, from every nation we’ll call you Lord, to the glory of God. (repeat)
Christ was raised, even death could not contain him. We are saved, Satan’s power he overcame. No more shame, no more guilt and condemnation, in his name, in his name. Christ is raised, he is seated with the Father, and the Spirit that raised him gives us life. So we’ll live to the glory of our saviour, Hallelujah, he’s alive. Christ was raised, the restorer of creation, by his grace making earth and heaven new. we are changed, agents of his re-creation in all we do, all we do. Christ is raised, so our struggles have a purpose, he’s alive, so our work is not in vain, and we’ll serve for the glory of our saviour, Hallelujah, Jesus reigns. Christ was raised, bringing all the world together, making peace, breaking down our walls of hate. And one day every knee will bow before him, for his praise, for his praise. Christ is raised, with a new and glorious body, scars of love in his hands and in his side. So we’ll sing to the glory of our saviour: Hallelujah, King of life.
God our Father, King of heaven, let your Kingdom come. On the earth as in your heaven, let your will be done. Everything we need you’ve given; bread for every day. In your mercy we’re forgiven, may we show your grace. Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done. Lead us not into temptation, help us walk your ways. Lord, deliver us from evil, hear us as we pray: For the kingdom, and the power and the glory are yours, now and forever, forevermore.
Lord, you hear the cry of the widow weeping; Lord, you hear the cry of the child ill-treated; Lord, you hear the cry of the depressed one sinking; Lord, have mercy on us, Lord have mercy on us. Lord, you hear the sound of the proud ones laughing; Lord, you hear the sound of the childless hoping; Lord, you hear the sound of those in debt and struggling; Lord, have mercy on us, Lord have mercy on us. Break the heavens, Lord, you said the poor are not forgotten. Let your justice roar in mighty waves across the earth. Come and whisper peace, O God of generous compassion. Lord, have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, you hear the sound of the addict craving; Lord, you hear the sound of the greed of nations; Lord, you hear the sound of the martyrs praying; Lord, have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us. Lord, we hear the sound of your kingdom coming; Resurrection Day for creation groaning. Mercy I receive, pouring out in loving; Lord, have mercy on us Lord, have mercy on us.
What kind of king is crowned with thorns or robed in nakedness and shame? So cruelly beaten, mocked and scorned, he bears the weight of all our blame. What kind of king would stand condemned, though innocent of every crime, in silence, offer no defence and take the place that should be mine? What kind of king would choose to die, yet three days later rise again, to win for us eternal life and heal and free us in his name? And now this king is glorified, though still adorned with wounds of grace, and, reigning at the Father’s side, receives the angels’ endless praise. This is Jesus, our redeemer: paid the ransom for our sin. This is Jesus, risen saviour, everlasting King of kings. We know our king will soon return to right the wrongs of history and satisfy all those who yearn for love to have the victory. And then our king will wipe away the tears of pain from every face; oh how we’re longing for the day when we’re received in his embrace. King forever, robed in splendour, victory is yours. Now and always we will worship, Christ, our risen Lord. No other king deserves my all for he alone was sacrificed; Lord Jesus, I will heed your call and give my heart, my soul, my life.
O faithful Lord, my solid ground, when storms are raging all around your mighty cross, your precious blood, will keep me safe within the flood. Nothing in all this world, I know, can separate me from your love. So I will cling to being found, my life secure within your hand. How wise the folly of your ways: this treasure held in jars of clay, and breaking forth from brokenness there comes a power not from us. So I will boast, though it seems wrong, for when I'm weak, then I am strong. Now taking up my cross I walk your narrow path of life, my Lord. And when I walk through death's dark vale, Lord, I shall fear no evil there; for you are with me, whisp’ring still your peace in times of trial and ill. My boldest hope shall still remain: to live is Christ, to die is gain! Until the end, I'll walk your ways: oh, hold me in my darkened days! When you appear, all storms shall fade, and there will dawn a brighter day. Your faithful promises stand true as all creation is renewed. You’ll make your home with us to stay as every tear is wiped away and heav'n and earth cry out your praise; Oh, how my soul longs for that day!


released September 19, 2019

Drums: Phil Martin
Bass Guitar: Matt Weeks
Acoustic Guitar: Sam Hargreaves, Chris Juby, Matt Osgood, Marcus Pagnam, Joel Payne, Chris Pearse
Electric Guitar: Sam Hagreaves, Marcus Pagnam
Additional Guitars: Matt Weeks
Piano: Andy Clark
Organ: Joel Payne
Keyboards, Programming & Accordion: Mark Edwards
Strings: Kate Biddlestone, Katy Whittle
Lead & Backing Vocals: Mark Bradford, Andy Clark, Judy Gresham, Sam Hargreaves, Sara Hargreaves, Chris Juby, Matt Osgood, Marcus Pagnam, Amy Paine, Joel Payne, Rhiannon Payne, Chris Pearse
Additional Congregational Overdubs: The Resound Worship Songwriting Retreat, St Mary’s Ash Vale Singers

Produced and engineered by Matt Weeks for weeksweeksweeks.com

Recorded live at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough by Matt Osgood, assisted by Ryan Lowe

Overdubs recorded at wwwstudios and Wydale Hall by Matt Weeks
Additional recordings by Mark Edwards, Billy Paine & Matt Seymour

Mixed by Shane D. Wilson at St. Izzy's of the East, Nashville, TN, assisted by Aaron Chafin
Mix Coordination by Lani Crump

Mastered by Svante Försback, Chartmakers, Helsinki

Cover illustration by Hannah Bluish
Photography by Kieran Metcalfe

All tracks arranged by Mark Edwards, Joel Payne & Matt Weeks
All songs © The Author / Resound Worship, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd, copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk

Every song on this album was collaboratively tested, critiqued and refined by the Resound Worship writing team during the past 12 years. Though each song has only one named author, there are always a dozen other voices singing along in harmony.

Chord charts / lead sheets / lyric sheets / piano scores / choir scores / instrumental parts / videos / mp3s / backing tracks - available at www.resoundworship.org


all rights reserved



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